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I help women discover what ignites their individual fire so they can wake up tomorrow morning excited about the day ahead.

My signature transformational workshop Follow The Breadcrumbs Home is where I help women figure out how to incorporate doing more of what they love into every day of their life, until pretty soon their whole life is filled with what they love.

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Claire is 28 and engaged to a computer programmer she met on Coffee Meets Bagel. She wants kids but not for a few years. She works out several times a week and likes to stay active. She's bright but finds her job as an administrative assistant for a pharmaceutical company very unfulfilling. She took the job out of college because it paid $65,000 and she had lots of student debt, but her rent and expenses are so high she has difficulty getting ahead. She worries about money. She has a few close friends but doesn't see them much because they live all over the country. They stay in touch on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and via texts. She has acquaintances through work but they are more like Happy Hour and luncheon buddies. Binge watching NetFlix is how she unwinds. She's curious about New Age things like the Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Meditation, and crystals. She's concerned about the environment and the future of the planet. She feels she is wasting her time doing work that keeps her busy yet leaves her feeling empty. But she's afraid to leave her job because she needs the money and doesn't really know what she'd do instead. Worst of all, she's terrified she'll still be doing essentially the same thing in five years and then she'll be older and feel even more stuck.



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